Never let thread count be your first or primary consideration when purchasing luxury sheets and fine linens. The two most important factors when purchasing your luxury linens are the type of cotton and the weave! Long staple Egyptian cotton is what you should consider first, and then choose your type of weave or 'hand'. A percale weave (over and under weave) is lighter weight and breathes better. A sateen weave (3 or 4 over and then under) give a luscious satiny feel and slight 'glow'. They are a bit heavier weight. Your percales will become as soft as tissue the more you launder them. Sateens take more thread and will always cost more than the percales. You may have noticed just about everything has 'Egyptian Cotton' content. Be careful! In general, use price as a guide. Towels may have Egyptian Cotton loops (that isn't necessarily bad- it is just marketing), and bed linens may be short pieces woven together vs. the long staples that give such a wonderful feel. The 'real' 100% Pure Long Staple Egyptian Cotton will last forever if cared for properly.  The 'other' Egyptian Cotton blends, will not last as long! What about the 1000 thread count? It really is marketing! Bottom line, the thread is split and twisted, or spun extremely fine and thin. You can only get about 480-500 thread per square inch. Are the 1000 thread counts better? Absolutely not. Are they more luxurious or have a better hand than a 400-600 thread count? Not really! Most customers cannot tell the difference at all when presented with both in a blind test. The best sheet, whether it is a 250TC or 600TC, is of pure 100% Egyptian Cotton and a percale or sateen weave!  We have sold the 1000 thread counts, and do continue to sell them, but no longer offer them on our website as we feel it is misleading to the consumer. In fact, federal regulations have been recently enacted warning consumers of possible misrepresentation.  Decide for yourself!

Luxury linens and bedding linens are much more than a famous name or 'too much talk' about thread count. Luxury linens are first and foremost about discovering and enhancing your own individual style to create a decor that makes you feel at home. Select from a vast array of fabulous styles that are sure to suit your desires and requirements. View our exquisitely detailed embroidered bedding collections, luxury linens with fine delicate embroidery or standout monogramming (or both!) , fashion luxury bedding ensembles showcasing today's color and design themes, easy care matelasse coverlets, and quilts that have come a long way.  Luxury fabrics woven from fine Egyptian and other fine cottons, silks and linen make our collections real and unique. Excellent craftsmanship, dressmaker details, and quality fabrications  create great design and style.....a style we are sure you will find here at Bella Lino Luxury Linens! And as always, if you have any questions, or prefer to place your order over  the phone, please call for personal attention.


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