Monogram Guidelines (See also Monogram Guidelines and Product Guide)
Today, we are much more creative with monogramming than was first begun with just the single last name initial. The most historical and traditional monogram is the Single Last Name Initial, followed by the two letter initial. The two letter initial may be the first and last name initial or may be the last name initial only. However, today we are much more creative with monogramming than was first begun with just the single last name initial. The three letter monogram is the most popular and with today's technology, styles can come in a wide range of designs. Script lettering in various styles still remains the most popular and considered the most formal. Block lettering styles tend to be more masculine and is considered to be a more contemporary design because of its simplicity.

Below are a few suggestions regarding letter placement and monogramming guidelines:

Madison Monogram Style

Script Style Monogram

Riley Alexander Martin- First Initial R on the left-Last Initial M in the center, Middle Initial A on the right.
Riley & Alexander Martin-Typically her first initial R, on the left, their last name, M ,in the middle and larger, and his first name initial ,A ,on the right.

Grant Monogram Style

Block Style Monogram

Eric Riley Grant - First Initial E  on the left, Middle Initial R, Last Initial G at the end and larger.
Choosing A Monogram Style
When choosing a monogram style, the sky is the limit. Intricate scripted letters, clean and simple block lettering, elaborate frames surrounding a monogram all embellish a simple piece of linen turning into a work of art. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Style and decor of your home. Do you like florals, geometrics, or abstract design? Do you prefer the style of traditional Chinese and English design, heavily carved Italian furniture, contemporary, modern or 1940's retro design?
  • Where are you using your monogram items? On bed linens, bath linens, guest towels, table linens or for your trousseau? What is the style of your china and silver pattern? Do you have wallpaper in your bathroom? Do you allow children and pets on your bed linen? These are all a few things to consider.
  • Consider how the letters will appear. Some letters may look just like you want them to, while some letters, like the letter F, S & T's can all look a little different that you may expect.
  • If you truly love 2 completely different styles, think about blending the two by using one style for the first name initials, and another style for the last name initial. This is a very chic and unique way to create your own personal monogram.

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